According to GB/T 2912.1 “Determination of Formaldehyde in Textiles – Part 1: Free and Hydrolyzed Formaldehyde (Water Extraction Method)”, the AS5 automatic sampler was used to sample the formaldehyde content in textiles on a UV spectrophotometer. The standard curve and actual samples were determined. Compared with the test results of manual injection, the test results of automatic sampler injection: the linear coefficient of the standard curve is consistent, and the sample test results are accurate.

Key words:
AS5 Autosampler Determination of Formaldehyde Content in Textiles

Formaldehyde is a clear, irritating, toxic compound, and is an allergen and potent mutagen. Formaldehyde may cause allergies or various diseases, and even cause cancer in severe cases. On the priority control list of toxic chemicals in my country, dioxin ranks first and formaldehyde ranks second.

UV-Vis spectrophotometry (UV-Vis) to determine formaldehyde content in textiles is cumbersome, time-consuming and labor-intensive if the manual injection method is used, and because formaldehyde is a toxic gas, it will cause great harm to operators. For this reason, this paper uses AS5 automatic sampler and 1950 UV-Vis spectrophotometer to test the standard curve of formaldehyde content in textiles and actual samples in detail, and compares it with the manual injection method, and achieves better results. Effect.

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